PEG Lite

Effective Economy

PEG Lite provides a comprehensive set of entry level components to create compelling graphical user interfaces. PEG Lite is a low cost solution that is available for all embedded controllers, including free complementary licensing options for NXP microcontrollers.

Work Lean

PEG Lite is small, fast and portable. As the entry point into the PEG family, PEG Lite enables developers to create GUI applications that naturally migrate to PEG Plus and/or PEG Pro as needs grow. Its flexible architecture also makes it easily extensible to allow the application developer to exceed the market demands for device GUI presentation. PEG Lite's modular design also means it easily scales from small, monochromatic screens to large, full color displays.

Work Quick

PEG Lite works in concert with all industry standard real time operating systems from the leading vendors. PEG Lite integration is designed to make the most of the available operating system functionality, providing a complete and intuitive design environment for the application developer.

PEG Lite is delivered with full source code, complete documentation, and development tools compatible with PEG Plus and PEG Pro. Also, knowing PEG Lite is supported by the same developers which designed and implemented the library brings peace of mind when questions arise.

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Development + Limited Runtime

Deploy on up to 10K lifetime units for a single end product.
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Unlimited Runtime Upgrade

Deploy on an unlimited lifetime number of units for a single end product.
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Additional Options

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