Abundant Possibilities

PEG Pro offers developers of embedded graphical user interfaces (GUIs) a proven software solution for creating complex, high color-depth embedded graphic applications. Designed specifically for use in the development of GUI applications in automotive, consumer electronics, infotainment and medical devices, PEG Pro runs on a wide variety of real-time operating systems (RTOSs) and microprocessors.

Design a Compelling User Experience

PEG Pro enables the design of sophisticated embedded graphics by supporting the key features and advanced applications demanded by interactive devices such as navigation systems, gaming systems, and medical electronics. PEG Pro accelerates product delivery by providing robust functionality such as drag-and-drop visual development tools and the ability to begin development on a Windows or Linux platform.

Key features include unlimited graphics layers, per-pixel and per-layer alpha blending, bitmap rotation and scaling, screen transitions, text rotation and complete anti-aliasing of all drawing primitives. In addition, PEG Pro provides run-time selection of themes to allow end-users to tailor their experience. PEG Pro supports a wide range of color depths up to 32 bits-per-pixel (bpp). PEG Pro includes a broad set of basic control types such as buttons, text gadgets, animations, menu-list display and bitmap display objects. All of these display widgets can be fully customized, both at compile time and at runtime. PEG Pro offers advanced classes such as treeview, spreadsheet and charting classes.

Maintain Your Brand Identity

PEG Pro GUI elements can be fully tailored, allowing OEMs to create user interfaces that maintain and accurately reflect the company's brand image — not one which another company has selected for you. PEG Pro graphics can be overlaid on real-time video or alpha blended using multiple graphical layers. The graphics core is easily configured for a wide variety of display resolutions, orientations and color depths. Anti-aliased fonts and true anti-aliased line drawing allow you to deliver high-quality interfaces demanded by today's users. Industry leading multi-lingual application support includes full Unicode and SJIS character encoding support, and string table editing and string resource file generation facilities incorporated within the WindowBuilder StringTableEditor.

Designed for the Requirements of Embedded Systems

PEG Pro is written with the embedded market firmly in mind, meaning that the value of every feature is weighed against the code size and performance requirements for that feature. A typical full-featured GUI requires a PEG Pro footprint of roughly 64-96K code, 8K stack and 32K dynamic memory. Note this does not include application-specific files, but only the graphics core itself. PEG Pro is fully integrated with RTOS messaging, memory management and synchronization services to provide the lowest possible overhead and a true real-time multitasking GUI environment. PEG Pro input devices are interrupt driven, and again use RTOS services to communicate user input information to the graphical user interface. PEG Pro can also be configured to support multiple GUI tasks. These tasks can be of differing priorities and can each directly create, display and control any number of GUI windows or child controls.

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