Set Up to Succeed

Swell Software is the leader in graphics software for embedded systems. Whatever the application may be, PEG offers the most complete graphics software packages any application development engineer will need to complete a project.

Developing new product applications is a complex, time consuming initiative which requires optimal allocation of your engineering resources to get your product to market faster. Let Swell Software help you in your development process.

Application Development

Custom application development services are available on a contract basis. If your development program is on a very tight schedule or budget or if you need expert assistance, our highly trained engineering staff would be glad to help. NRE services are quoted on an hourly basis per customer specifications and guideline. Types of services we can assist you with include:

  • Custom Controls/Widgets (i.e. Look and Feel) - Create, document, and test custom widgets
  • Driver Design and Coding - New screen driver development
  • Touch Screen Driver Development
  • Screen Layout and Navigation

Contact us at for a contract fee schedule or quote for your application.

Driver Development

NXP offers driver development services for PEG Graphics Software, allowing your engineers to focus on UI development and integration. PEG experts will develop and test the drivers for your specific hardware, adapting PEG Graphics Software to your product. Driver development services are offered for Screen, Input, and RTOS drivers.

Contact us at to learn more about these services.


Swell Software is dedicated to helping the customer utilize our software to its full potential and getting your project off to a fast start. We offer an on-site, instructor-led class that teaches you how to use PEG development tools. With this training, you can learn how to utilize the features of PEG and reduce the learning curve understanding new software.

Typical training sessions are a two day format. One full day is dedicated to the PEG fundamentals and WindowBuilder development tool usage covering the following topics:

  • Program Startup
  • Execution Model
  • Linked Lists
  • Keyboard Handling
  • Pointer Device Input
  • Message Routing
  • Signals, Timers
  • PEG Fonts
  • Object Boundaries and viewports
  • Class Library
  • Screen "Driver"

The second day focuses on the customer's product and screen designs and forming the architecture for implementing the required design.

If you are interested, contact to schedule a training session or to inquire for more information.